Fire Sprinkler System

More than just protecting your home or business from fire damage, a fire sprinkler system installation in your premises can save lives. At Diouf Mechanical, our commitment is to providing the highest standard of quality in all fire sprinkler system installations, repairs and maintenance operations to keep your property, and more importantly, your family and/or employees safe.

For installations, our first step will be a full inspection of your residence or office, after which we will design a sprinkler system tailored to your unique fire protection needs using an area and density approach.

We offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art sprinkler systems for residential and commercial use, including:

  • Wet Pipe Systems
  • Dry Pipe Systems
  • Deluge Systems
  • Pre-Action Systems
  • Foam Water Sprinkler Systems
  • Water Spray
  • Quick Response Sprinkler Systems

In addition, we offer full maintenance, testing and parts replacement services, and all our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed building codes and regulations. So when it comes to protecting your home or business, count on Diouf Mechanical to provide the peace of mind that only comes with a job completed to perfection.

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